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The people you meet on an Amazing race can change your life....

In the spring of 2010, "Maasai Warriors" Paul and Francis received a phone call from China. A few weeks later, they were aboard an international flight to Shanghai, where they would participate in the Emmy Award-Winning Chinese-version of the television series The Amazing Race, China Rush. Along with nine other teams from all over the world, Paul and Francis would compete in mental, luck, strength and transportation challenges throughout 12 amazing cities in China.  


Hailing from the marathon nation of Kenya, Francis and Paul like to run. Fellow contestants Sarah and Molly run ultra-marathons throughout Asia, and the two teams soon became fast friends. When the group decided to collaborate together,  an idea was born to found an ultra-distance event in Kenya in support of Maasai girls education in Kenya.

In fall 2010, the contestants from The Amazing Race-- now Amazing friends--hosted a Safari Party in Shanghai to raise scholarship funds and kick-start the race efforts. In one evening, the Amazing friends raised over $8000 for Paul and Francis' charity. In summer 2011, the Amazing friends will be reunited in the Kenya bush for in their second Amazing Race-- this time, the Amazing Maasai Marathon.

The marathon continues to welcome runners from countries worldwide. Join us in Kenya for the next edition, and run your own amazing race!

The Global Run!

Can't come to Kenya this year? Join us in spirit and Donate Your Run!
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The Amazing Maasai Marathon has since 2011 raised $150,000 for Maasai girls' education. Donate to help another girl go to high-school.

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