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WHO WE SUPPORT (The Reason We Run!)
The Amazing Maasai Marathon is the primary fundraising event of the Amazing Maasai Girls Project, a non-profit 501c3 volunteer organization based in the USA (EIN: 27-3462760) that sponsors the high-school education of girls from Maasai villages nearby the race.



The Amazing Maasai Girls Project was founded in August 2010 with the goal of providing full-board high-school scholarships to academically gifted girls from Maasai tribes in Laikipia North, Kenya, whose families would otherwise not have the means to fund their secondary education.

The mission of The Amazing Maasai Girls Project is to help adolescent Maasai girls avoid childhood marriage & motherhood, empowering them through education to find employment and independence as adults. We believe that education can improve not only the lives of the girls and their immediate families, but also of those in the wider community, which is why the Project and its main fundraiser, The Amazing Maasai Marathon, is committed to being community-based and community-backed.



The Amazing Maasai Marathon has raised US$150,000 for the

Amazing Maasai Girls Project since 2011. As a result, a total of 60 girls have been awarded four-year scholarships to one of 3 high schools in the local area to the race.

The selection process involved a small local team, headed-up by Solomon Saidimu, selecting academically high-performing female students at primary schools across in Laikipia North - those from under-privileged backgrounds - and inviting them to apply and to be interviewed.

The girls sponsored by the AMGP attend either St. Francis' Girls Boarding School in DolDol, Il-Polei Mixed or Kimanjo Mixed high schools.

Check out the AMGP website for photos of the girls we are sponsoring. You can also follow us on Facebook for updates on their progress!



When the selected girls graduate secondary school after the four-year program, they will have obtained the necessary qualifications, resources and self-confidence to move to a town, get a job, and earn money for their families - opportunities unavailable to most Maasai girls. Without this education, the girls would have been married as young teenagers, starting a family before they've had a chance to choose the path in life they'd like to take.



There are many more adolescent girls whose futures could be transformed by staying on at school, rather than starting their adult lives at just 13-years old. The Amazing Maasai Project continues this year, and we welcome your support.


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To attend high-school/secondary school in Kenya, it costs approximately US$400 per year in school fees. Four years of secondary schooling, and the freedom this education brings, costs a total of US$1600 per student.

The Amazing Maasai Marathon is held to raise money to sponsor more girls through school.

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The Amazing Maasai Marathon has since 2011 raised $150,000 for Maasai girls' education. Donate to help another girl go to high-school.

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